What to do in case of a medical emergency abroad?

The most common fear among travelers is the need for travel health care. For this reason, we now publish a list of the most frequently asked questions about the coverage for medical expenses of a Columbus travel insurance policy. Take note of our answers to always travel safely.

Is there any direct payment or reimbursement for medical expenses abroad?

The coverage of a Columbus policy provides for the direct payment of the costs in case of hospitalization up to €5 million per person insured. For minor expenses (medical examinations, for example), it is easier to anticipate instead the cost of these expenses that will be refunded-after checking the contractual conditions-to return to Italy. This is why you need to keep your receipts.

Who should I contact in case of a medical emergency?

The insured (or whoever for him) must immediately contact the Service Operations Centre – Active 24 hours on 24 and 365 days a year – at + 39 039 6554 6635 as indicated in the travel insurance certificate. The operators of the station, once contacted by telephone, will arrange everything that the insured may need.

Is there a maximum time limit within which to contact the service centre?

It is important that the contact happens immediately. If this is not possible, the insured person (or who for him) can contact the station within and no later than 3 days from the incident. Such contact is always necessary and essential for any type of medical emergency on the road the insured should have, not only in case of hospitalization.

It is possible, for example, to make a photocopy of the certificate of insurance and-before leaving-deliver it to a trustworthy person in Italy. In this way also a third person will know who to contact in case of medical emergency abroad.

In What language is the medical assistance service offered?

The operations center is in Italy and operators and doctors provide assistance in Italian and English. Our travel insurance policies also include the telephone interpreter service that can help you communicate with your physicians. This service is limited to the countries in which the operations centre has its own correspondents.

In addition to the interpreter service, does Columbus also offer the translation of the medical records?

No. The translation of the clinical file is not included in the cover.

is the call to the service center free?

No. The cost is equivalent to an international call as the telephone number of the service center is a fixed number for a fee and not a toll-number.

Is it possible to ask the station to be recalled on its phone number?

The insured can leave his/her mobile number asking to be contacted. Alternatively the insured can also leave a telephone number of the hotel.

Who is the operating centre composed of?

Multilingual staff consisting of both practitioners and physicians responds to medical emergency requests 24 hours on 24 and 7 days out of 7.

are also included in the insurance reimbursement for pharmaceutical costs?

Yes. The cover for medical expenses is directed to the treatment of sickness and accident during the trip, such as hospitalization, medications, specialist visits.

The insurance covers the costs for the use of a helicopter if the insured-in case of a serious accident-is not transportable by ambulance?

Yes. In case the use of the helicopter should be indispensable (for example: they are on a deserted island and you need the helicopter to reach the nearest hospital) is expected coverage.

If I cannot immediately contact the operations centre and I am hospitalized at a facility that is not affiliated with you, am I covered?

The operators of the Operations Centre may enter into an ad hoc agreement with the structure in which the insured has been admitted. Alternatively, if the insured’s health conditions permit, the control unit may decide to transfer the insured to another structure deemed more appropriate to the medical needs of the insured.

What are the procedures to be followed to submit a refund request?

The request must be forwarded through the portal genericviagrazrx.com to the claims office within 31 days of returning to Italy. From the portal will be possible to register and enter documents related to the left, as well as download the forms to be completed and attach.

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