5 Reasons Why You Should Make a Travel Insurance

In recent times the risk of terrorist attacks has made it a way to increase the sensitivity of tourists to the purchase of travel insurance.

Regardless of the distance of the destination, whether it is in Italy, Europe or intercontinental, the need to travel safely is increased for a psychological issue to leave for the holidays protected.

Here are the 5 reasons why it is convenient to buy a travel insurance and travel always protected.
1) You are obliged to cancel the journey

The idea of having to cancel your holiday is the worst nightmare a tourist can ever experience. If you accidentally have to stay home for example of a sudden injury, a travel insurance policy helps you to recover the money spent on your holiday. If you are interested in the cancellation coverage, it is good to read carefully the valid clauses to be able to take advantage of the guarantee. To learn more, click here.
2) You have a health emergency on holiday

The risk of incurring health emergencies while on holiday and especially abroad can be very high. If you go for example in South East Asia, the climate and temperatures are very different from the Italian and can lead to some health problems to those who have already faced many hours of flight. Those who opt for the United States of America, may incur annoying sore throats generated by the air conditioning too high of shops and malls in general. The travel insurance covers medical expenses incurred on site and has an active medical care centre operating 24 hours on 24.
3) You are abroad and the medical staff speak neither English nor Italian

A travel insurance policy is also able to offer the interpreter service, where there is availability of the local correspondents made available by the Operations centre. In the context of the guarantee for assistance, repatriation and medical expenses of the general conditions it is possible to read what this service offers exclusively for travel abroad.
4) You need to be repatriated

In case of a serious health emergency, the travel insurance offers assistance in organizing the repatriation flight. The modalities relating to repatriation are decided and authorized by our operations centre for medical assistance.
5) Your baggage is damaged on the road

It may happen that your new suitcase is damaged and this can cause a great sense of impatience. Choosing a travel policy that provides baggage coverage is to make the incident less bitter. We always invite you to read both inclusions and exclusions regarding this cover to avoid bad surprises in case of accident.

The holiday must be a memorable moment and for this reason, it is essential to travel with the psychological security of being able to receive the necessary support in case of unpleasant inconvenience thanks to a travel insurance policy.

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